As a professionally qualified reflexology practitioner I will give you the help, support and care you need to make a significant difference to your life.


I am a member of the professional reflexology association, expertly trained to provide clinical treatments in a relaxed environment. I will spend time getting to know you, ensuring the best support, treatment and guidance for your particular needs.


Reflexology can help with migraine, depression, hay fever, sinus problems, diabetes, hormone imbalances, menopause, thyroid imbalance, asthma, eczema, tinnitus, fertility, stress, immunity, IBS and other bowel related conditions, back problems and baby reflexology.


If you have an unresolved health issue, maybe an aspect of your life that is feeling out of kilter or you simply want to stay relaxed and healthy, please call me on 07967 992579 for a confidential chat about how I can help.